Reopening FAQ

The St. Therese Reopening FAQ


Why is there a faq? Can’t we just come to Mass like normal now?

Although we are happy that things are going back to normal,  we are not there yet. Like many businesses our parishes have to implement some temporary rules and guidelines so that we can gather safely.


When will Mass be?

The Mass times have not changed. Starting on Memorial Day, May 25th, we will return to our normal schedule - which is ironic, since on national holidays Mass is at the special time of 9:00am. If you don’t know the Mass times by now or have forgotten, they are in the bulletin.


What should I do before Mass to be safe?

Please wash your hands before coming to church and wear a mask and gloves to church.


What if I don’t own a mask? Or gloves?

You can still come to church even without these, but I would ask that you sit far away from people and give them extra distance. Remember: we need to show everyone - masks, no masks, etc - the respect they deserve.


What should I do at church to keep everyone safe?

1.Sit far away from the people you don’t live with. Let’s be honest here: you people have been socially distancing yourselves in church for years. You are pro’s at this. The only real problem here is that you might have to use a different pew than you were accustomed. Don’t worry - it’ll still be there when this pandemic goes away.

2. Come up to Communion via the side aisles and return to your pew via the center aisle and keep six feet apart from people you weren’t sitting with. If your family comes to church and sits together, you can come up together for Communion but you need to stay six feet away from the people you are not sitting with.

3. Drop your envelope in the basket on the way into or out of church. We won’t be doing a collection like normal, but there will be a basket in the back and front of the church.

4. When entering and exiting the church, please stay six feet away from other people. Accordingly, please take your time moving through the church.


How is Communion going to work?

When you are up next to receive Communion, please lower your mask and come up to the Communion minister without it on. Then receive the Blessed Sacrament (in your hand or on your tongue) like normal. If you want to wear gloves, that is fine and even laudatory, but I am not going to require that people wear either to receive. Our Communion ministers - including me - will be wearing both gloves and masks.


Can I get Communion after Mass privately? Yes.


Jesus got stuck to my glove! What do I do?

If a particle of a Host gets stuck on your glove and you notice during Mass, then come up to the priest after Mass. If you arrive at home and notice, then go outside a poor a glass of water over the glove onto the ground. Do not wash Him off in the sink; blessed and consecrated items go into the ground, not the sewer.


Should I even come to Mass?

If you don’t feel comfortable coming to Mass, you are not obligated to do so for the time being. If you are going to the store, then you can probably come to church. If you doctor, however, has advised you to remain at home, you should follow your doctor’s advise.


Saint What’s Its Name is doing x. The Diocese even demanded that we do y. Why aren’t we?

In point of fact the Diocese has issued no particular decrees on the reopening. They did issue a lot of guidelines, which I have adopted to our parishes’ needs. Each parish will end up doing things differently.


Why aren’t the missalettes in the pews?

In the back and front of the church you will find the misalletes. Please take home one of them and bring it with you to church. Since we can’t sanitize the misalettes, the next best thing is for each family to have one. Act soon. Supplies are limited.


How is the church being cleaned?

After the Masses our maintenance staff will wash down all the commonly touched surfaces with particular care for the doors and bathrooms. Also, we plan on keeping the windows as open as possible to keep the air as fresh as possible.